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arlene & abby


Party Ideas was founded by Arlene Rosenthal in 1992. At the time, she was the mother of six small children, all under the age of 10, and was very much in need of a creative outlet to exercise her artistic side and utilize her multiple art degrees. Arlene quickly built Party Ideas to become one of the most sought-after private event decor and production companies in Chicago. 

In 1998, the Rosenthal family relocated to Westport, CT, where Arlene started the business again from scratch. Since then, the Party Ideas team has designed and produced thousands of private, non-profit, and corporate events all over the New York City metro areas. 


Abby was a young child when Party Ideas first launched, allowing her to grow up alongside the company. Weekends were often filled with helping her mother set up and tear down colorful events, and Abby soon caught the party-planning bug herself. 

After graduating from The University of Massachusetts Amherst, Abby went on to design experiences which have been featured at Coachella, the US Open, and the Today Show. working with top brands such as Google, Target, H&M, Amazon and so much more. Abby is very passionate about using her skill set to support non-profit projects and has produced events which have raised millions of dollars for national charitable organizations. She also helped her mother in her event work supporting the MS Foundation, a cause very near and dear to the family’s hearts. 

In 2020, Abby officially partnered with Arlene, creating a powerful mother-daughter duo serving, not only their Westport community, but those across Fairfield County and the Tri-State area. 



From bar mitzvahs to weddings and non-profit galas to corporate events, Party Ideas has been there for the moments that matter. Thirty years after Party Ideas first opened its doors, it continues to thrive as a woman-owned and operated business with a deep love for their community.

With Arlene’s sudden passing in 2022, Abby has taken over as the head of the company, keeping her mother’s legacy alive, 

one celebration at a time. 

We look forward to meeting, working, and partying with you. 

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